The BANC Access service is part of Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre

BANC Access creates innovative opportunities for people with disabilities and mental health diagnosis to connect with their community.

BANC Access delivers National Disability Insurance Scheme Supports including:
· Assistance with Daily Life, in home and in the community
· Social and Community Participation, individually and in small groups
· Skills Development opportunities, individual and in groups
· Support Coordination and Plan Management
· Art Therapy

We focus on creating strong connections between people and their local community. Working in this way ensures that each person we support can move within their community with greater safety and independence, is less likely to be isolated and more likely to develop a circle of support which operates independently of the service provider.
We do this by creating an individual plan for each person offering a variety of activities and experiences, skills development opportunities while maintaining a focus on health and well-being and making a valued contribution back to the local community. Plans are flexible, reviewed regularly and are adapted to meet changes in interests and needs.
People joining our service have a choice of working individually with a staff member, in a small group of peers of their choice or as a blend of both.

BANC Access maintains a fleet of vehicles which enables us to provide transport as part of service provision.
Having provided services in the Upper Mountains for more than 20 years the BANC Access service has developed a highly successful model of community based service provision focused on inclusion, innovation and the development of each person’s unique talents, gifts and abilities.

For more information get in touch with us on Phone: 4787 5684 or email ua.gr1571444917o.wsn1571444917cnab@1571444917sac1571444917

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