BANC Facilities

Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre
Gardiner Crescent, Blackheath, 2785
T: 02 4787 7770
F: 02 4787 7777
E: ua.gr1597007889o.wsn1597007889cnab@1597007889ytinu1597007889mmoc1597007889

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday- 9:30am- 12:30pm.  1:30- 4:30pm

Friday – 9:30- 12:30pm

Computer/WiFi Use

Public computer and free WiFi available.

Digital photocopier featuring automatic feed, double-sided copying and sorting.

A4 = 25c, double sided =30c
A3 = 30c, double sided = 50c

Discounts are available for 10+ and 100+ for photocopying and even less if you bring your own copy paper.

A4 = $1.00 each, A3 = $2.00 each

Scanning- free