Junction 142

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“In partnership with the Uniting Church the ‘Junction 142’ project at 142 Katoomba Street now has a renovated laundry and bathroom available for use. It is incredibly difficult to function in society without access to these facilities so they are filling an important need. On top of this, we can also provide free clothing from our Op Shop to prepare people for job interviews and appointments with real estate agents.

In the past year we have provided more than 6000 free meals and food parcels as well as rescuing around 20,000 kilos of surplus food from going to landfill.

We deal with homelessness every day. Often it can be locals who just haven’t been able to make the rent or mortgage payments. Director Rosa Del Ponte says “We deal with ordinary people who struggle to manage sky rocketing housing costs. It just takes a run of bad luck and anyone can end up homeless. One partner loses a job and the other gets sick and then in a matter of months they are on the streets. We have even helped a family of five who were living in a tent in the bush”.

The Soul Kitchen also helps the Sydney homeless who are riding the trains at night to stay safe and warm. Rosa explains “They hop off at Katoomba and come to us for a meal or to have a shower and launder their clothes”.”

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